Thulsi or sunflower plant that grows from Eco-Ganesha offer you blessings all year long.

This is a 100% eco-friendly Ganesha made of clay with seeds of thulsi and sunflower added to the base. You get either thulsi plant or sunflower. We provide it as a package of,

  • Ganesha
  • Gowri (optional)
  • Jute grow bag
  • Cocopeat mixed with manure

We advise you perform the visarjan in a bucket. Let the clay idol stay immersed for an hour to get softened. Meanwhile spread out the given cocopeat in the jute grow bag. Mix it with normal sand if possible to prepare a bed to grow the seeds.

Now, mash the softened clay idol over in the jute grow bag that you had prepared. Water regularly. Sapling will start coming up in about 15 days. There you go with your plant.

ECOM 2020:
All this while we (the Green City club members) were directly delivering to the patrons. This year 2020 onwards we made it ECOMMERCE starting from order and payment to delivery for hassle free contactless experience.

The proceeds go to projects on education and healthcare. This is one of our flagship projects. Request every one to spread the word across.

Proceeds from last year been donated for education of 4 girl children