If you wish to volunteer, you may join our hands in 2 ways

  • Kind in terms of time or any form of giveaways
  • Cash in terms of donating to a specific cause

If you have time to spare with us, kindly fill the info below

If you would like to donate a specific cause, you can directly contribute to our Charitable Trust and share a note your about your interest as well. We will get in touch with you and ensure we implement the cause as you wished for.

Rotary Bangalore Greencity Charitable Trust

Top 5 reasons why you should partner with Rotary Green City

  • A global organization with local presence
  • Field experience in community services
  • Rotarians volunteer their time and money which you could easily save on resources cost
  • A part of the award winning team for the 12th consecutive year being “World’s No. 1 Service Organization in Financial Transparency
  • We almost eradicated polio in the world