Having a vision, objection and direction is quintessential part of any organization. Though the vision is larger than life, it becomes achievable when combined with the objective and direction. Along the path one comes across many opportunities and causes to serve.

Green City as a club, has aligned the focus areas as Rotary International does which are 7 as below.

Our projects have been predominantly in the order as given below.

  1. Education and Literacy – 30%
  2. Disease Prevention and Treatment – 20%
  3. Supporting the Environment – 20%
  4. Mother and Child Health – 10%
  5. Water and Sanitation – 10%
  6. Economic and Community Development – 5%
  7. Peace and Conflict Resolution – 5%

To join our hands in serving our community, please contact us at rotary.greencity2015@gmail.com. To become a member, please click here.